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Matt Parker - Friday, September 15, 2017

Common Roof Issues

Eventually any roof will have problems that require repair, or replacement. Ignoring the need for repair, aging roofs, weathering and a lack of maintenance are all factors that are detrimental to commercial roofing. The following information is the indications of a roof in need of professional attention. Contact Longhorn Commercial Roofing in San Antonio, TX today for all your roofing concerns.Longhorn Commercial Roofing San Antonio, TX

Crazing is the development of fine cracks on single-ply membrane, and if not addressed will lead to roof failure and leaks. Roof coatings offer a solution for crazing. Contact Longhorn Commercial Roofing in San Antonio, TX for additional information.

Seam failure can occur due to several possible causes. Shrinkage and the loss of elasticity over time, along with age and weathering can degrade the seams, leading to failure and roof leaks. Routine inspection and maintenance are essential, along with prompt repair when seam failure occurs. Seam failure may also occur when a roofer provides poor craftsmanship in its installation.

It is common for roof leaks to occur around flashing that has come loose, has lost its seal, or has been damaged. Flashing is installed around the roof perimeter and intrusions through the roof such as pipes. To prevent structural damage to your building from leaks, contact Longhorn commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX.

Metal Roofing is one of the best investments for a qualifying commercial business. It can potentially last indefinitely with the proper care. Metal roofing requires very little maintenance for many decades. Routine inspection and an annual cleaning are the best tools for ensuring your metal roof lasts a lifetime, or even longer. Eventually, typically decades later, the protective coating, paint or galvanizing wears off, allowing rust to set in. The rust can be removed, and the affected areas treated with rust inhibitor, followed by painting for a protected, and like new finish. Contact Longhorn commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX when your metal roof needs repair and/or refinishing.

Smooth surface asphalt roofs can develop a cracking of the surface called alligatoring. The process of the asphalt drying out is due to the sun, and can extend completely through the roof surface, allowing leaks and damage to occur. If your asphalt roof is developing alligatoring, contact Longhorn commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX for a solution.

Flat or low sloped roofing can experience ponding, where water stands on the roof. Ponding not only accelerates roof deterioration, it is the source of fungi and vegetation growth, sediment deposition, and eventually leaks. Due to the weight of accumulating water, over time the areas experiencing ponding will increase in size. As the areas and weight grow, collapse of the roof structure can occur. If your roof is experiencing ponding, prompt repair is essential. Contact Longhorn commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX for reliable repair.

Mold thrives where moisture is present, such as occurs due to roof leaks, or gutter failure. Blocked gutters can cause water to back up and can result in both structural and foundation damage to your commercial building. Periodic gutter inspection can prevent gutter backup,while roof repair for leaks will prevent additional damage.

Blistering occurs when moisture is trapped within the membrane plies. As the outdoor temperature increases, vapor from the trapped moisture expands, forming a blister on the membrane. A blister weakens the membrane and results in roof failure if repair is not provided.

Emergency Roofing Services

Always inspect your commercial roof and its drains after storm, high wind and hail events. If wind blown debris is present go ahead and remove it to prevent additional potential damage, and/or the development of mold. If your building's roof has been damaged, contact Longhorn commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX for emergency roof repair. Repairing a damaged roof promptly can mean the difference in effecting a repair, or the need for roof replacement if you should delay repair.


  • Trim overhanging tree branches to prevent damage from rubbing. In addition, eliminating overhanging branches can help to reduce leaf debris and related problems with moisture.
  • Keep the roof clean and free of debris and loose objects.
  • Keep the gutters free of leaves, bird nests and other materials. Inspect them routinely for damage. Replace damaged gutters.
  • Be sure to check the seals around vent pipes, HVAC system or other equipment on the roof. In addition, do not forget to inspect fasteners for loosening and the edges of the roof system for damage or loosening of membranes.

Longhorn Construction is a licensed, bonded and insured commercial roofing contractor serving the State of Texas. Our professional roofers offer the expertise of nearly 3 billion square feet of roofing installations, and over 40 years of experience. We provide professional repair, new roof installations, roof replacement, roof coatings, and other roofing services. Contact a Longhorn Construction representative today for a free roofing estimate. Longhorn commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX offers a variety of solutions to match your roofing needs, goals and budget. Our roofing professionals are dedicated to providing first quality services for the longest lasting roof possible for your commercial building. Give one of our representatives a call today. We serve the entire state of Texas with professional roofing solutions.


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