7 Benefits Of Using Metal Commercial Roofing | San Antonio, TX

7 Benefits Of Using Metal Commercial Roofing | San Antonio, TX

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If you’re deciding which material to use on a new build property or looking to improve your current roof as it requires repair, there are many reasons why metal is a worthy contender for your next roofing choice. Many of our customers in San Antonio have been making the switch to metal roofing recently, choosing to replace their worn commercial roofing with a more beneficial design choice. Here are seven of the most common reasons for doing so:

It’s an environmentally-friendly choice.

Because this is a time when more and more people want to become eco-conscious, to help prevent the unnecessary depletion of valuable resources, metal commercial roofing has seen a surge in sales. Many of the metals used in roofing are already recycled, making them a great choice if you want to avoid the expense of using up new, valuable resources. When it comes time to replace parts of your metal roofing, the old panels and tear-off pieces can be recycled into alternative metal products, such as plumbing, cans, and even used as part of appliances. Even the scraps of metal left over from the installation or build process can be re-used as alternative products, so there’s little to no waste if you choose to use this roofing material.

Additionally, metal roofs are highly reflective; they block the sun’s UV rays, which actually helps you to cut down on excess heating and cooling costs. You could see your commercial building costs drop significantly just by changing your commercial roofing material!

It’s one of the most robust commercial roofing materials.

Strength and durability are two key advantages to choosing metal over other roofing materials. For a lot of customers, choosing something known to be durable and robust, especially in hurricane-prone states like Texas is a vital part of the roof building process. While San Antonio is quite far inland, it can still be prone to heavy winds and rain, making metal a great choice. Metal fasteners used to connect roofing panels are typically manufactured to withstand tropical force winds, so you won’t have much to fear if you opt for this roofing style. Metal roofing can reliably protect your commercial building not just from the effects of storms but also faithfully resists damages related to long-term UV exposure.

Other related benefits include rust-resistance and no decomposition. During the manufacturing process, metal commercial roofing is coated with oxidation inhibitors, so you won’t need to worry about rust like you might with some metal structures.

It improves your curb appeal.

You might initially think that opting for a metal roof is a boring choice, that it might not look appealing or fit in with your commercial building’s design. However, metal roofing is actually available in a wide variety of patterns, designs, and styles, to suit everything from traditional commercial structures to more modern, futuristic buildings. Some metal roofing even imitates wood shake, clay tiles, or slate while still retaining all of the benefits of metal that we discuss here. All of the available design choices make it easy for you to use metal to increase your curb appeal and the value of your commercial property.

Modern metal roofing is not noisier than asphalt.

We know you’re expecting metal roofing to be loud when it rains; it has a noisy reputation. With modern advancements in roofing, however, this is no longer the case. One university study done by acoustics researchers concluded no significant noise difference between metal and asphalt roofing. Asphalt shingles, for example, register 46 decibels, and metal over solid roofing decks only registers at 52 decibels.

Using an insulation layer between the metal and roof below significantly muffles the sound further, so if noise is what you’re worried about – don’t be! If you’re re-roofing metal where a shingle roof was previously, or even laying metal roofing over shingle, noise really isn’t going to be a problem. If you’re installing a fresh metal roof, there are multiple options to deaden the sound: double bubble underlayers and insulated attic airspace both make it easy to control and deaden the noise from a metal rooftop.

It’s a cost-effective long-term investment.

While the initial outlay for new commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX, may seem expensive, metal roofing can last decades and often much longer than other roofing materials. Shingle roofing, for example, lasts on average between 15 and 25 years, approximately half the time of a well-built metal roof. This longevity easily offsets the high upfront cost of installation, so if you’re planning to keep your commercial premises long-term, it can be well worth the investment. It’s also more resistant to fire damage, and in the event a fire occurs, it is less likely to burn and less likely to need replacement in the event of a fire-related accident.

Metal commercial roofing is low maintenance.

Unlike some other roofing choices, metal doesn’t bubble or crack. It can’t be penetrated by water or hail, so you’re less likely to need to clear pooled water or fix leaks. It’s a very low-maintenance option. If you need to, you can arrange for a simple power wash to remove any debris; it doesn’t need much more than that to retain its desirable look. Well-installed metal roofing is usually built on a slight slope, so water, hail, and snow will simply slide off the roof with no maintenance input required.

It’s surprisingly lightweight.

One last thing to say about metal is that it’s a lightweight roofing option. Load bearing roof supports will experience less stress, and it’s also much easier for contractors to install.

At Longhorn Commercial Roofing in San Antonio, TX, we know that installing a new roof is a big commitment for many people, and making the right choice is essential. We firmly believe that metal roofing has many advantages that make it an excellent choice for commercial properties, and we’ve got a lot of experience installing these roofs in Alamo City. Request an appointment online or call our friendly representatives to learn more about how our metal commercial roofing build and installation process can help you today.