San Antonio TX Commercial Roofing Contractor, Longhorn Commercial Roofing, is an Industry Leader in Roof Coating

Longhorn Commercial Roofing is qualified in the installation of commercial roofing systems. We achieve quality and reliability in every one of our installations by holding ourselves to the highest industry standards. All of our roofing systems come with a 20-year, renewable warranty.

With over 40 years of combined experience and approximately 3 billion square feet of roof covered so far, you can depend on Longhorn Commercial Roofing roofing for your next commercial roofing project.

Industry Leader in Roof Coating

We pride ourselves in being the industry leader in commercial roof coatings. We can create a new roof for your building by restoring your old one with problem-solving sprayed or rolled-on polymer coatings.

Our custom coating solutions can be applied to any type of roofing system and material; they will save your existing roof, fix its problems and give it years more life – all with the bonus of added energy efficiency!

Our work is certified by the most prominent roof coating manufacturers.

Cost Benefit of Roof Coating

Commercial roofers are seeing massive demand for “reflective” roofs, which is why we provide roof coating products that come in white. A white roof is a cool roof: it bounces solar rays away from the surface, resulting in heat that is not being passed through the roof into the interior of your building. You can recoup the cost of your roof system with the decreased cost of air conditioning. These savings are on top of the savings you realized by not tearing off and replacing your existing roof.

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