Commercial Roofing in San Antonio, TX

Commercial Roofing in San Antonio, TX

When professional roofers build structures such as buildings or houses, it is their duty to ensure that the roof is strong enough to survive any storm or tempest that it has to endure. Yet in many cases, even if roofers ensure that they have installed nothing short of the best roofs in the structure they’ve built, other people might end up neglecting the roof until it’s absolutely time to pay attention.
Needless to say, the roof is the most fundamental component of a structure, regardless of whether it’s a house, a building, etc. However, in a city like San Antonio, Texas, even the strongest and sturdiest roofs are easy to break down, given the unique and unpredictable weather of the state. Thus, educating oneself about the variety of commercial roofing systems is imperative and can be of great use to Texans.

In recent times, commercial roofing systems are a lot more favored by building owners. Some home owners might opt for commercial roofing too, to update the look of their house, such as a solar panel.

What is Commercial Roofing?
The reason behind the growing popularity of the roofing system is because commercial roofing is built in a way that ensures it is sealed and held in place, and is secure and dependable for at least two decades. There are also various types of commercial roofing to choose from, which gives you options to choose from, to pick one that suits you the best.

Although commercial roofing has existed for around a century, give or take a few, the demand for commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX, has increased so much more in the past few decades. Roofers within the state now have strong rivals too. Thus, choosing the best roofer to reconstruct or fix your roof can be quite the hassle, but more on that later.

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems
There is a variety of commercial roofing systems that you can opt for. This grants you the opportunity to pick the type that suits you and your building best. It’s not necessary for you to get your roofing reconstructed; you can also opt to only update the existing look of your building.

These are the three main types of commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX:

Solar Panels: Solar panels aren’t new to the industry. They have long been known for their extraordinary potential to conserve energy efficiently. In this regard, photovoltaic solar panels are more advanced due to their capabilities of absorbing sunlight and extracting energy powerful enough to light up an entire building.

Thermoplastic: Notably one of the most popular types of commercial roofing system, thermoplastic roofing is built with PVC and TPO which are the two main components responsible for making your roof water resistant. These are great, specifically for roofs that are susceptible to leaks and cracks. Thermoplastic roofing systems have a lengthy lifespan which can stretch easily to 40 years or more if maintained correctly and on a regular basis.

EPDM: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a type of commercial roofing membrane that comprises of two main elements: ethylene and propylene. These two elements are derived from natural gas and oil which makes EPDM an extremely durable roofing membrane. It is more commonly installed in roofs that feature a low slope.

How Is Commercial Roofing Different From Residential Roofing?
Commercial roofing is rather different from residential roofing especially because of the durability it offers. The main reason why commercial roofing is a lot more durable than the latter is because of the sturdy material that is used in its production and the way that it is molded to shape the roof.

Although it’s not easy to tell commercial roofing apart from residential roofing at just a glance, the two vary in terms of design. Residential roofing is a lot easier to install especially on houses. The reason why commercial roofing isn’t commonly seen on houses is because often times, houses include a chimney. Commercial roofing requires more of a flat surface with not much in between because the material used is a lot different than concrete.

Is It Possible to Install Commercial Roofing On Your Own?
No, installing commercial roofing by yourself is not recommended due to a number of reasons. There are many people who may have educated themselves enough to think that the job is possible, but without professional help, it is certainly not possible to install a roof that won’t fall apart in the near future.

Although installing the roof yourself might seem advantageous only because it’ll minimize the cost of hiring a professional contractor or roofing company, but the cost of fixing the roof once you’ve messed it up will be a lot worse. With professional roofers, they know exactly how to create the mixture and apply it to the base of the roof in a way that it’ll be attractive to look at and as durable as it should be.

Especially under the circumstances that you’re transitioning from normal roofing to commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX, you will realize how complicated it can get and how the material is noticeably different in comparison to normal roofing systems.

Hiring a Professional
There are a lot of advantages to getting the messy work done by the professionals. There are many roofers in San Antonio that you can hire but so many of them don’t even know what they’re talking about, which can be a waste of time as well as money for you.

At Longhorn Commercial Roofing, our team of experts is qualified and has a lot of experience in this field. Whether you want to get your roof reconstructed entirely, or you just want to fix it, Longhorn gives you the opportunity to give your commercial roofing new life, at just a tiny proportion of the cost that it takes to replace it.

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