Let San Antonio TX Roofing Contractors at Longhorn Commercial Roofing Install or Repair Your Modified Bitumen Roof

A modified bitumen roof (MBR) is ideal for buildings with flat roofs or low slope designs. MBR’s track record of durable service has been tested and proven since its introduction in 1975, and it has continually been improved. We install your modified bitumen surface with confidence.

Why Modified Bitumen is Popular

  • It has a proven track record of performance.
  • You get better quality waterproofing.
  • There are a broad range of methods to apply it.
  • You have a number of surface choices, including a “cool roof” top coat that saves energy dollars.
  • Insulation combined with a modified bitumen roof forms a top-notch energy-efficient building component.
  • MBR has high tensile-strength; it resists damage from branches and debris blowing in the wind.
  • Some materials come with fire resistant and hail resistance ratings.
  • Many modified bitumen products are offered with a white granule top surface, but they are available in designer colors to complete a building’s exterior design.

Simple Installation

A modified bitumen roof is manufactured in rolls; one installation option has rolls with adhesive already applied to the underside. The installers take off the paper as the sheet is rolled, then the MBR bonds to the substrate. This avoids alternative adhesive methods which use torches, tar or emit fumes.

MBR Coating Benefits

A special roof coating can be applied as part of the modified bitumen roof’s initial installation or during the restoration of an aging MBR. The following benefits can be realized with advanced roof coating:

  • Coatings prolong the life of your roof by at least 10 years. Roof coatings go on as a liquid elastomeric coating, then dry to a seamless, clean, next-generation surface that eliminates leaks and degradation.
  • Coatings work exceedingly well on all types of Modified Bitumen Roof, including APP Modified Bitumen or SBS Modified Bitumen (Smooth or Granulated).
  • Coatings save energy. Modified Bitumen does have solar reflectivity depending on the color of the surface layer. But a roof coating can turn it into an energy-efficient barrier between the hot sun and the interior of your building. Roofs can reach 150°F or more in the summer. A dark roof absorbs a lot of the sun’s heat in the summer; hot air passes through to the interior and increases cooling costs in the building. Reflective modified bitumen roof coatings, especially in white, can reflect up to 90% of the heat from the sun. The savings from reduced air conditioning costs can pay back the cost of the coating in 4 to 7 years.
  • Coatings save money. In our experience, the vast majority of roof problems, including leaks, can be fixed with coating. Eliminating tear off of your old roof saves you the upfront cost of up to a dollar per square foot, and speeds up the whole process of restoring your roof. Application is far less disruptive – spraying flat roof coatings is quiet and often unseen.

To inquire about a new MBR installation or for more information about MBR roof coatings for your aging roof, contact us online or call 210-783-7220 for knowledgeable customer service.

The San Antonio Texas roofing professionals at Longhorn Commercial Roofing will proudly install a modified bitumen roof anywhere in Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Amarillo.