Signs of Commercial Roofing Problems and the Importance of Roof Maintenance and Repair | Commercial Roofing in San Antonio TX

Signs of Commercial Roofing Problems and the Importance of Roof Maintenance and Repair | Commercial Roofing in San Antonio TX

The roof of your commercial building is the first line of defense in case of seismic disasters such as hail, ice, snow, fire, rain, heavy winds, storms, heat, etc. The roof, on the other hand, is also very vulnerable. It is exposed to different weather conditions at all times, every day, and certain elements may contribute to its deterioration. Not to mention deteriorated roofs pose the contents of the building to a high risk of damage.

The authority that sets safety standards for commercial buildings, called the International Building Code (IBC), has set a requirement for the roofs of commercial buildings to “serve to protect the building.”

This and other safety reasons are the force that compels people to call professionals such as Longhorn Commercial Roofing in San Antonio, TX. A roof’s strength does not only depend on the materials used to construct it and appropriate installation but also on the design of it. A roof that “protects the building” is built considering all of these things to ensure safety and the business’s continued operation in case of a disaster.

Apart from the construction requirements, you need to ensure schedule regular programs of inspection, maintenance, and repair in order to increase the useful life of your roof and ascertain that it does what it is meant to do.

Here are the common signs of problems related to commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX and everything else you need to know about roof care.

Recognizing the Signs of a Roof Problem
As a business owner or a commercial building owner, it is your responsibility to keep a check of the problems your roof might be facing. If it is been a while already since you last checked your roof for any issues, it should be your foremost priority to hire a professional for commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX to identify and fix any existing and potential problems.

If the roof is facing a serious problem, the signs are often evident from inside the building as well. For example, water stains on the top surface of the premises may indicate a leak caused by a crack or hole in the roof.

Remember, no leak is negligible or less important from the other, even if it is a small leak. Even the smallest leak you see can easily put you in shambles by expanding over time. Likewise, if your commercial building has molds or bad odor inside it, this may be a sign of water penetration because of roof leakage. It’s important to understand that even the smallest leak can be a sign of big trouble.

While these few signs observed from inside the building are sufficient for you to call a professional for commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX, it is more important to physically inspect your roof yourself to see if any problems are evident and keep them from worsening.

While business owners or other people working in a building should regularly check for roofing problems in a commercial building, this is not enough. There may be underlying/hidden problems that only a professional for commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX will be able to identify and resolve. For this reason and more, it is a smart choice to hire a contractor to ensure safety as well as to prevent and/or fix the potential/existing problems and their recurrence.

Looking for the Visual Clues on the Roof

  • Ponding on the roof or water that is standing for long can result in premature aging and destruction of the cover of the roof and ultimately cause huge leaks. Leaks that are left untreated deliberately or are unnoticed for awhile can steadily result in the rusting, rotting, and deterioration of insulated concrete and gypsum decks, which turn into a thick paste. Furthermore, the water standing on the roof can put additional pressure on it due to the weight, which then weakens the deck of the roof.
  • If you see bubbles on your roof, this is probably a sign of trapped moisture inside the cover of the roof, which can soon cause leaks. Trapped moisture can also drastically reduce the durability of the roof, accelerate premature aging, and reduce the effectiveness of the roof’s cover system against forces such as winds.The release of gases trapped below the cover from the insulation board could be another source of bubble formation on your roof. A moisture survey done by an expert dealing in commercial roofing in San Antonio, TX will help diagnose such issues easily.
  • Waterproof material or metal strips that are fixed along the roof is called roof flashing. It is also draped around other roofing equipment to deflect water away from the seams and joints. When a gap emerges in the flashing or roof cover perimeter, it increases the risk for roof failure during an event that leads to water intrusion or brings in high winds and molds.
  • Cracking, worn seams, or tears in the roof cover can also make a way for water to enter below the cover and cause problems.

Hiring a Professional for Roof Care and Maintenance

  • Choosing a provider who is established, licensed, and/or has bonded professionals.
  • Obtaining estimates before the work has started.
  • Checking if the provider and his technicians are insured. If possible, ascertain that the coverage for liability and workers’ compensation insurance is up-to-date.
  • Checking website ratings or contacting your local Better Business Bureau to know about any complaints filed against the provider.
  • Discussing and verifying your warranty and guarantee options. Confirming what is or isn’t covered and asking any questions you need to be clear.

A roof that is properly maintained and strong is imperative to safeguard your building, business, and the people associated with it. A little amount of money spent on roof maintenance goes a long way. Dial 210-446-3982 to connect with the experts at Longhorn Commercial Roofing in San Antonio, TX.